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Premium Membership

  • Premium Members can reserve courts 14 days in advance
  • Premium Members get discounted Ball Machines rental prices
  • Premium Members get discounted Clinic & Lesson rates
  • Premium Members get free rental of Court and Shower towels

The PREMIUM TENNIS & PICKLEBALL MEMBERSHIP covers all court fees associated with playing Tennis & Pickleball (for example, Random Court Times, Leagues, Season Court Times & USTA League Matches, times, STPC Drop-in times & Random court times, as well as Private groups). However, Special Events, Parties, Ball Machines, Pro Shop items, and Lessons & Clinics are excluded from PREMIUM TENNIS & PICKLEBALL MEMBERSHIP.

Premium Tennis & Pickleball Membership
Premium Tennis & Pickleball MembershipMonthly
Junior (18 & Under)$55
Premium Pickleball ONLY Membership
Premium Pickleball ONLY MembershipMonthly
Junior (18 & Under)$28